Petrol prices got you looking at EVs?

My first EV, purchased for $20,000, saved me $11,000 in petrol in the 50,000km I traveled in it and was sold for $15,000 2 years later [Credit: Lightforge]

What’s the price of entry?

50% State of Health 24KW 2013 Nissan Leaf, purchased for $7000 in Jan, 2021, has an 80km range.
Meridian, advertising their electricity plans at the NZ EVWorld Expo in 2019

Running costs are more than just fuel

EV owners, according to Consumer Reports, spend half as much on repairs and maintenance.

Data from Consumer Reports, $ in USD.

So let’s bring it all together and look at these two vehicles side by side.

But hang on a sec (I hear a million people typing furiously on their keyboard) WHAT ABOUT THE BATTERY? You know, the one that will blow up if you go through a car wash or fizzle in the rain, or perish after only (insert dismal prognosis number here) years and has to go to landfill? (These are all things that have been said to me.)

Data gathered by FliptheFleet, presented at the NZEV World Expo in 2019

How long does a battery last?

Comparing the range of a Nissan Leaf 24KW at 91% SOH, compared to at 78% SOH

Battery Replacement

Swapping a battery pack on a Nissan leaf. Takes a few hours.
Toyota vs. Nissan Leaf

The final showdown

Results: Still $7000 ahead, even after replacing the battery
This chart from Ars Technica shows an 88% cost decrease in batteries over the last decade.

Now vs later, Money vs Compromise



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